IP Scope Services

IP Scope provides comprehensive patent and trademark searches for prior art or freedom to use investigations.  Our most popular service provides an overview of the patentability of your invention.  If it is training or advice you need, you can choose from clear and concise training courses to provide a good understanding of Intellectual Property and its management. A more in-depth consultancy to assess and improve the quality of your IP portfolio is also available and is a useful approach for more established companies or research groups looking to create a cost effective and valuable patent portfolio.

Patent Searches                                                    Contact IPScope now!

  • Patentability: check out if your idea has already been invented and if so what aspects of your idea can still be covered by new patents
  • Prior art searches: look for prior art that might invalidate your patent application or a competitors patent
  • Freedom to use searches: look for patents that might already exist and prevent you from launching a new product.

Trademark searches

IP Training courses                                                Contact IPScope now!

General Intellectual Property Awareness

  • Generate an understanding of IP (Patents, Trademarks, Registered Design rights, Copyright, Trade Secrets)
  • The Patenting Process – drafting, filing, explanation of patent numbers & patent codes, patent costs, maintenance of granted patents and patent families
  • Patent searching methods (DIY through to proprietary landscape mapping services).  IP Scope has experience with most free and subscription based patent search databases.

Patent Strategies

  • Combination patents: looking for novel combinations of your technology with other technologies or systems to solve problems or provide advantageous benefits.
  • Blocking patents: patents to prevent other manufacturers from using your technology
  • Licensing: towards more open innovation

Portfolio Management

  • Introduction to successful portfolio management (some overlap with the "Patenting Process")
  • Alignment of technical, business and IP strategies

All aspects of training can be tailored to suit your needs and are provided in-house or via video conference calls. Contact me now to review your specific requirements.

IP Consultancy Work

Working with clients under a confidentiality agreement to assess and improve the quality of the IP portfolio.  Some typical aspects of this analysis include:

  • IP Healthcheck (free online service provided by UK Intellectual Property Office)
  • Assessment of technology space via own and competitors patent coverage through our custom patent searching service
  • Strategic patent filing workshops:  providing a structured approach to mapping your technology advantages and disadvantages against your own and competitors’ technology space to identify new patent opportunities to strengthen your portfolio.
  • Generate strategic roadmaps of technical, business and IP strategy
  • Portfolio management advice on strategies for filing and renewal of patent families
  • Cost reduction strategies

Generally these activities are conducted through the use of interactive workshops and interviews with key personnel.   The aim is to provide a framework for ongoing management of the IP assets.  If you would like to speak in more detail on any of these services contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible